STIE IEU (Indonesian European University) Surabaya was established in 1990 with International Business Management and International Accounting Programs at the Undergraduate (S1) & Graduate (S2) level. Double-Degree programs for SE/BBA & MM/MBA with Europe have been an option since its inception. For the Double-Degree programs, IEU is in cooperation with IMI (International Management Institute, formerly European University) in Brussels, Belgium. The cooperation, focus not only on the Double-Degree programs, but also a full affiliation in the standardization of the curriculum, students cultural exchanges, lecturers academic exchanges, summer programs.

IEU is a part of the Pelita Nusantara Education Foundation. There are universities and schools under this foundation, Pelita Nusantara Education Group.

A diverse and passionate international student body embraces a challenging education that includes global, experiential, and team-based learning. IEU instills in the students, talent to succeed, humility to grow, and tenacity to persevere in diverse cultures in the world. The high spirit to success combined with an international standard education results in graduates with courage needed to meet new world challenges. IEU also empowers its diverse graduates to follow their passion, lead organizations, and make a difference in this planet.


IEU is committed to be the leading International Business University in Indonesia and Southeast Asia (ASEAN Region), based on change and development with cross cultural understanding.


To create academic learning environment that can be adapted to the changing world

To develop multi-culture higher education with the Dual Degree programs

To combine the national & international experiences

To adopt competency-based education

To produce international quality graduates


Using full English language in all the academic & communication processes

Apply international curriculum in full for Undergraduate / Bachelor (S1) and Graduate / Masters (S2) programs

Offering international standard higher education with local fee

A diverse student body from not only Indonesia but other countries, as well

Center for Eastern Indonesia to foster the changes needed to advance Eastern parts of Indonesia to be on equal footings with the Western parts of Indonesia

Business Networking Center for companies in Indonesia and Overseas

Public Speaking Skills through Toastmasters International Club on campus

English & IT graduates

Peace Education program

Ideas Center to facilitate the business incubations


Undergraduate (S1): Bachelor program (SE/BBA)

International Business Management (concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, IT) - (Accreditation Status: B)

International Accounting - (Accreditation Status: B)

Graduate (S2): Masters program (MM/MBA)

International Business Management - (Accreditation Status: Awaiting Reassessment)

Program Options



3-4 years at IEU for an S1 Degree (SE) (Full English)


3+ years at IEU (S1), 1 intensive semester in Belgium, then add 1 semester @IEU for Thesis Writing & Defense: SE/BBA Degree



1-2 years at IEU for an S2 Degree (MM)


1+ year at IEU (S2), 1 intensive semester in Belgium, then add 1 semester @IEU for Masters Thesis Writing & Defense: MM/MBA.

Double-Degree Program Advantages

Why only 1 semester in Belgium? The study at IEU has the same standard as the study in Belgium through the same international standard curriculum. This is being recognized and evaluated by the Belgium institution prior to the start of the joint programs. Mutual evaluation is done every 5 years when time for agreement renewal.

The majority of the theoretical aspects of the programs is done at IEU while during the semester in Belgium, students get the direct experiences of the business world in Europe through case studies and practical experiences from the business practitioners in Europe. Short internships in businesses are the norms during the semester. The students also learn of how big European corporations are run daily and so can better compete globally.

Extra incentive for the program is the cultural sharing among European & international students from across the world. The biggest challenge for IEU students as well as college students worldwide is how to compete for a global job.



Double-Degree programs for S1 & S2: International Management Institute (IMI), Belgium

Digital Entrepreneurship: iBosses Australia

ITC (International Test Center): TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) & IC3 (Internet Computing Core Certification) USA

Toastmasters International USA: Public Speaking

Mortimer English Club Germany: Language Center

British Chamber of Commerce: Business Networking UK

International Enterprise (Ministry of Trade and Industry), Singapore

Peace Education UK-USA


200 Model SMK (Vocation High School) in 3 Eastern Indonesia provinces (Bali, East Java, East Nusa Tenggara Timur). To certify the English Language (using TOEIC) & IT (using IC3 of Certiport USA) for graduating students.

192 Model SMA (High School) in Eastern Indonesia. To improve the qualifications of students to continue to universities.

50 universities in Eastern Indonesia. Providing continuing college education platform & training for the Human Resources.

Surabaya Chamber of Commerce. Joining the Chamber of Commerce to provide the platform for Small Medium Enterprises to go international.

Provincial Department of Education throughout Eastern parts of Indonesia. Help high school students to choose the field of study in universities. Work with the schools to train teachers to upgrade the curriculum.

BANK NTT. Cooperating with the 6th largest regional bank in Indonesia, Bank NTT (East Nusa Tenggara Province’s Bank), to provide 250 yearly university scholarships for the less fortunate & economically challenged high school students in the province and Java.

Regional Community Organizations in Eastern Indonesia. Providing training for entrepreneurship programs for start-ups and as community empowerment programs. Empower the under-employed public to be able to find better jobs.

Vocational & General High Schools throughout Indonesia. Cross Cultural Understanding & Communications programs for better understanding of the world.



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