Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb,

STIE IEU Surabaya is an educational institution established on the initiative of the Surabaya society. Founded in 1990, IEU Surabaya offered a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program for high school students pursuing higher education and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program to enthusiastic bachelor graduates and business professionals.

As the time goes, IEU Surabaya continuously improved itself and consulted government regulations on tertiary institutions (higher education) since 1992. Eventually in 1993, IEU officially became one of the Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia under the name of Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi - IEU Surabaya, according to Decree of Minister of National Education No. 86/D/0/1993 for the postgraduate program (S2) and Decree of Minister of Education and Culture No. 014/D/0/1994 for the undergraduate program (S1).

The development of the education sector provides a very significant meaning today; it will not be an exaggeration if the sector is prioritized in the implementation of national development. This is driven by the world dynamic which is rapidly shifting and causes various uncertainties that is hyper volatile & highly unpredictable.

It becomes apparent that the situation demands human resources of excellent quality, particularly to answer the challenges and competition around the world. An effort is required to transform common human resources into human capital and such effort could be achieved through the provision of education.

In this case, it is important to emphasize that the implementation of education is not only directed at the mastery of modern science and applied technology, but also at the development of general social sciences such as politics, economics, management, and accounting. All branches of science will comprehensively form a national education system that determines the quality of the nation's human resources.

On the basis of such thinking, it can be understood that from the perspective of the national education system, the existence of STIE IEU Surabaya is an inseparable sub-system. Institutionally, STIE IEU Surabaya is an educational institution which aims to educate the nation and cooperate together with other institutions to further that purpose in the national scale.

I believe that the situation in the future is very dynamic, which is marked by rapid changes in the external environment. The society’s demands and needs keep changing along with the development of the community itself which has been exposed by the globalization of information and economy towards Revolution 4.0. STIE IEU Surabaya should provide the answers to all these changes, and this has been formulated as one of our strategic programs in the future. We chart a strategic map which describes planning stage required by our institution, including the academic unit and its community, to achieve the vision of STIE IEU Surabaya as a university that achieve international acknowledgment through prioritizing competitive edges and national interests. We are optimistic about the future of Indonesia and STIE IEU Surabaya begins its endeavors from now to reach that future.

Thank you, peace and prosperity for Indonesia.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

Prof.Dr. Oscarius Y.A Wijaya,M.H.,M.M.,CLI.

About IEU

Before 1990s, many foreign companies expanded their businesses in Indonesia. The manager position is always assigned to foreigners because no Indonesian personnel are considered capable enough for the position.

In 1990, the PADAT KADIN Foundation, in collaboration with the European University of Belgium and the Ministry of Labor, established the International Business Administration Education with Bachelor and Master degrees. The native lecturers from Belgium came directly and lecture sessions were held in English. Apart from Indonesian, international students are also accepted.

In 1992, IEU collaborated with Oklahoma State University (OSU) in the area of academic quality assurance and supervision. Based on this agreement, officials from OSU visit our campus to check on academic activities once every 4 (four) months.

In 1993 Curtin Business School sent a professor who for one full month helped to develop IEU. In addition, 6 (six) professors of Wollonggong University were flown here to assist IEU in obtaining postgraduate program (S2) permission from the national government.

Based on the Decree of Minister of Education and Culture No. 86/D/0/1993 and No. 14/D/0/1994, IEU officially joined the ranks of Directorate of Higher Education Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia with the name of Ista Ekanta Upadhita College of Economics (STIE IEU Surabaya). The offered programs are Bachelor of Economics (S1) and Masters in Management (S2).


Following an in-depth review and taking into account internal and external factors, the Vision of the IEU Surabaya College of Economics is stated as follows:

To become a high-quality and credible national business school in 2022, therefore contributing to the development of the people, nation and state of Indonesia.


Based on the Vision statement above as well as the Tridarma of Higher Education, the mission is structured as follows:

1. Organizing academic programs based on the Vision of the IEU Surabaya College of Economics in 2022 to produce graduates who are of the followings:

    a. Having the ability to develop potentials of local areas into business potentials that have advantages over international competition;
    b. Having the ability to solve problems in the field of expertise through research and development activities based on scientific principles;
    c. Have the ability to develop professional performance which is realized through the deep analysis of the problem, and sufficient & cohesive scope of reviewing and solving problems;

2. Producing research that directly or indirectly contribute to the improvement of human dignity and / or the upgrade or sophistication of science, technology & art as well as utilizing research results in the learning process and commitment to serve the community.

3. Cooperating and synergizing with various internal and external parties in order to realize the Vision of the IEU Surabaya College of Economics in 2022.

    Member of Executive Senate


    Dr. Oscarius Yudhi Ari Wijaya, MH.,MM.


    Joshua Jeffrey Kurniawan, MM., MBA.


    Dr. Suharto, MM.


    Ika Meigawati, S.E., M.M.


    Wahyuniwati Wahyudi, M.Pd., M.M., M.B.A.

    Academic and Student Administration Bureau :

  • Jayanderzhin Charlos Po, S. Pd, MM

  • Timothy Imanuel Lilipory, S.Pd, MM

  • Sarlianus Poma, S. Pd, MM

  • Margareta Windarti Neonbasu, S.Pd, MM

  • Surya Saputra Miharja, SE, MM

  • Gracia Precilya Pratami Belinan Manuk, S.Pd., M.Pd.

  • HR Department :

  • Antin Trigina Sari, S. Sos, MM

  • Terah Tofas, SE, MM

  • ICT Department :

  • Anugrah Bagus Sugiharto, MM